Hello. My name is Tami. Thank you for taking time out to read some of my posts and more thanks to those of you who have decided to follow my blog. Right from the get go I’m going to be talking to you about why I chose to be healthy and to stay that way. Yes, I’ll be doing that in this very first post. I like to think that it’s going to be a useful introduction to my take on health and fitness and specifically from the woman’s point of view. The blog is personal and unpretentious, but is awesome in the sense that it is persuasive for as long as it can be.

Let me just say this right from the get go. I’m not a health nut. By the time you’ve read the first couple of my posts you’ll believe what I’ve just said. What I do tend to do is sentimentalize my blog posts while sharing interesting information on my discoveries on anything related to health and fitness. I’m no feminist either. But this blog has been specifically tailored towards the female reader, and what’s nice about it is that new readers will be getting an honest perspective from the female point of view.

Staying true to form but without any deviation let me quickly fill you in on how the first batch of posts might look like. I say ‘might’ because you never know; I might just change my mind. One thing I will be doing is continue to begin each post with the originally chosen theme or topic, whether by way of the post’s heading or first few lines. Oh gosh! Will you look at the time? You see what I mean. This very first post was meant to tell you what prompted me to become healthy and stay that way.

But that’s alright, if I can’t squeeze it in here, you’ll more than likely be reading it elsewhere. Also, this I have to get off of my hefty chest. What’s the use of keeping things general always? Sorry to say it guys, but where health is concerned, there are always going to be differences between the sexes. It’s not going to be any good giving guys advice on how to handle their menopause issues when they don’t go through such physiological stages in life.

But then again, they may learn a thing or two about what it feels like to be a naturally healthy woman these days. I’ll be encouraging you to take your first steps from being completely sedentary to supremely active. I’ll be sharing with you thoughts on what it means to be healthy. I’ll be discussing and debating, on a personal level, the issues of protein for the physically active woman and whether or not it’s worthwhile giving the vegan alternatives a try. And so on to personal suggestions on healthy dieting options, and then a surprise or two.

Food, exercise, longevity, work, recreation, you name it, it’s all here girls. Hope it inspires you to make those big changes in your life from being a tired old bag, like I used to be, to being a really good looking woman who’s always feeling awesome each and every day of her life.