Is this a good question, or what? Or do you think I’m just being nosy? No, really, I am a little bit curious, but not nosy. I have a good reason for asking the question and I’m always going to be striving to give you further encouragement (and excitement) during the early stages of your transformation towards a new and healthy you. The meat issue remains a big one. Many people in the past falsely or unwittingly believed that they had to give up meat entirely in order to become supremely healthy and fit.

Worse still, exercise specialists, dieticians and nutritionists from the past went very far to encourage unhealthy people to switch to vegetarian diets. They kept on arguing unsuccessfully and bitterly that this was necessary in order to lose the biggest harbinger of being terribly unhealthy; fat. Breaking news, girls. The fat is a killer, but there’s a worse killer. Its official and studies and peer reviews from the most authoritative bodies around the world are unanimous in their agreement.

White, refined, processed, call it what you want, sugar is more harmful than meaty fat. It is proving to be a deceptive killer in worse case scenarios which begin from people contracting type 2 diabetes. There’s another big lie that you need to take note of. Just because you are now active and fit like me does not mean that everything’s going to be okay from here on. You need to be more vigilant in watching what you eat.

For instance, you all think you’re doing well by ditching your cherished cherry-flavored diet, sugar free sodas and replacing it with fruit juice. Not a bad idea, but so far no good. The juice flavors that you surreptitiously snap up from the supermarket refrigerators are actually more harmful to you than those sodas you’ve just given up. Many of you might now be surprised or up in arms over this. What the heck is this health nut talking about, you may be wondering.

Here’s the thing, girls, those supermarket juices you’ve been buying all along is loaded with white sugar. If you still don’t believe me on this, scan the net and pick up other anti-sugar posts to read. Also, the next time you head off to your supermarket; check the labeling on your juice (plastic) bottle. That’s another thing; the juice comes in plastic and it is one of the world’s worst polluters. Being healthy and fit does not end with the obvious; going out for your daily walks, or going to the gym, and eating right.

It also means adopting a healthy lifestyle beyond your own body. Treat your body as a true temple by looking after your natural surroundings. And that includes giving plastic a big miss. Great, so now I’ve got you off the sugar. Well, not yet, keep on trying. Getting rid of your sweet tooth won’t happen overnight. I know I was there. Remember I was as large as a lard barrel. And I didn’t get to that point by just being me on the couch.

I was talking about meat in the beginning. I’m going to close this post with some more meaty thoughts then. Giving up meat is contentious, but it is also a purely emotional and spiritual matter. Remember, the great Gandhi gave up meat. But remember, so did the despicable Adolf Hitler. Before he cowardly killed himself, he was already in a very poor state of health. Giving up meat didn’t help him, did it? The point that must also be borne in mind is that, apart from the emotional aspects, physiologically speaking, giving up meat is not for everyone.

Women, I strongly feel, should recycle those trashy women’s magazines and ignore the fad diets they see in it every month, and carry on eating meat, especially if they love it. Pregnant women, please girls, never do this, should not give up meat. Your child needs to eat too. The thing about meat eating as a healthy and fit woman is also in the simple basics. Cut the fat away completely. And reduce the size of those juicy steaks you love so much.

Replace those steaks with what they call minute steaks. Also, try as far as possible to source organic meat free of chemicals and minus the fatty content, mainly because the animals are being fed on natural produce, free of pesticides. Meat’s okay, girls, its how you eat it that counts.