Here’s more motivation for you girls. Again, the post is aimed at girls who are still battling with excess weight, very poor fitness levels, poor eating habits and generally, an unhealthy and unhappy state of mind. This post steps things up a gear. It’s great to have someone about to motivate you, even if you have a fitness trainer standing right next to you, screaming his lungs out for you to pick up the tempo, like you see them doing on The Biggest Losers.

Behind the scenes, you still have a lot of work to do in your own time. There’s a whole lot of other exercises that you can and should be doing without supervision. Also, your nutritionist can’t watch what you eat. That’s your job. Neither a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, nor even a shrink can really know what’s going on inside your head. Only you know. So, this is what this post is really about. Apart from motivating you, it helps you to put into place a plan that can work for you.

You should always learn to love your body. Okay, so you can’t stand naked in front of a full-sized mirror just yet. It might freak you out. Believe me; it freaked me out once upon a time. You should also learn to love what you do too. And these next two or so exercises you are going to love. It’s not too taxing physically. It’s actually quite stimulating. You’re going to be planning and prepping your own health and fitness regime in your own time.

The rest of this post gets divided into two parts. The first part deals with the exercise planning. And the second part deals with your dietary requirements. These plans are very basic and should be loaded with fun. Yes, the emphasis is going to be focused on having a good time planning the rest of your life which is going to be a really healthy and happy one.


First, you’re going to factor in how much time you have available for exercising during the week, bearing in mind that you are working a full week, sometimes even over weekends, and that you need to exercise regularly. This should all be so easy and never de-motivating. Since you’re really only just starting out, don’t expect to be reaching for the stars just yet. You most definitely have three days out of your busy week to spare.

And out of those three days, surely you have twenty minutes to one half hour to spare. You don’t even need to factor in traveling time to the gym or park because most of your startup exercises can be done in the comfort of your home and in your neighborhood. For stationary exercises, you can clear a little yard space, or get a good, firm rubber mat to place in the middle of your living room floor or where you have that space.


  • What to eat – Ok, so you’re still adjusting to exercise. That’s ok. You’ll soon get used to it. You’ll get used to what you need to eat too. Focus on the essential food groups, the most important being protein, especially since you’re trying to lose excess weight.
  • How to shop – Girls love shopping, right. Try and adopt that attitude. To have fun while shopping for your most essential groceries. Make up that list before you go and never shop on an empty stomach. That will keep you away from the snack and junk aisles. Also, use a small carry basket to shop with. That way, you’ll only be buying what you need, saving bucks and giving your biceps a workout too.
  • How to cook – Try to be less reliant on appliances as far as possible. Invest in a cool set of chopping knives to carve your veggies with. This is good exercise too while you’re about it. Use only canola or extra virgin olive oil, or a blend of the two for when you’re fixing up stews, stir fries and my favorite, the steak. Lay off the salt and don’t use salad dressings for your salads. Simply make your own. It’s healthy and more natural anyhow.
  • Even how to eat – Take your time eating. Enjoy the food that you’ve taken time and art to prepare. It’s not so easy when you’re on your own, though. Eating in the company of others and having a conversation with them is healthy. I got around this problem. I watch stimulating documentaries or inspirational thought provoking movies while I’m eating. It engrosses me and it relaxes me.

Keep all your meals small. Downsize. This also helps you to cut down on costs and there’s no chance of anything going to waste. Relax for a while after you’ve finished eating. Try standing on your feet for a while. If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, spend time in it. Finish up with the dishes and then go for a nice, relaxing evening walk before settling down for the night.