Don’t worry girls; I’m not going to blast you with another lecture on how to live your life. Remember, I still need to practice what I preach. So far, I’m doing alright, I guess. The main reason for me going on the way I do sometimes is that I really, really know all this stuff is good for you. Remember, I’ve also been where many of you might still be now, and now I speak from purely personal experience. Today’s post, however, is going to assume that I’m chatting to girls who are already in good, physical condition and might also be feeling pretty good about themselves.

Most of these girls will be in their late teens or early twenties. For the rest, well congratulations to all of you on whatever fitness levels you’ve managed to achieve for yourself so far. But, how are you feeling about all of this? And why are you so tired? Are you starting to get chest pains now too? These questions may allude to extreme scenarios but they can still happen. It has to do mainly with trying to do too much, particularly when you’re reaching that stage of your life when younger girls are politely referring to you as being mature or middle-aged.

Just remember, girls, no matter how fit you are, the body still ages. Accept the fact that you’re never going to be able to match your twenty year old sister in a one hundred meter sprint for speed or a ten kilometer run for stamina. Another reason why older girls feel the strain they do is that they tend to ignore their dietary requirements. Just because you’re having the time of your life does not mean you can still feast on cheeseburgers and fries.

Just because you are always thirsty from your extreme workouts does not mean you can now swallow two liters of soda every day, guilt free. This is nonsense and it can kill you. Fortunately, healthy eating is going to be a whole lot more fun for you than for the poor girls that are currently obese and may even be dealing with other issues such as diabetes. I know their pain because I was one of them. In order for them to get into some form of physically fit condition, they need to take drastic, but careful measures.

Ideally, their exercise routines will be supervised. And because they are so grossly overweight, they need to go on strict diets that emphasize as little fat content as possible. Because it has a detrimental effect on their condition, they cannot enjoy carbohydrates like you can. You can, but still in moderation. That being said, I could tell you who originally quoted such profound words, but it’s very true. Everything in moderation.

You can enjoy a little of everything, but in moderation. Just because your extreme workouts has given you such a huge appetite does not mean you can go wild or nuts and eat yourself silly until you’re feeling quite full. I remember how that made me feel. Think about it, it is not nice to feel so bloated. And the quantities of food must always be modest. What you had before, eat less of it now. Of course, you can still address those hunger pangs that you’re feeling throughout the day, but you can do this in a healthy way now.

Your breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. You enjoyed it. It was nicely balanced with protein, fiber and antioxidants. Because you ate so well, and because you had such a fantastic run earlier, you’re feeling quite hungry a few hours later. It’s normal and it’s actually quite healthy. Because your body is being worked out continuously it will be craving protein, not carbs. So for your midmorning (or mid-afternoon) snack, you could treat yourself to modest quantities of unsalted nuts and dried fruit. For lunch, enjoy your salad with some fat free tuna, sustainably sourced, of course. By the time evening comes round, go for it. But do not get carried away. Enjoy only what you’re supposed to eat. Try out the Mediterranean diet.

It’s quite possibly the healthiest diet in the world. Also remember that the diet stretches as far as some coastal regions in the Middle East. And remember, finally, limiting your quantities and watching what you actually eat is great. But also remember to enjoy mealtimes and take your time over it.