This short post is of standard length. The standard length for blog posts that are going to be published online should be around eight-hundred words, that’s the average. If you approach any commercial online publication or newspaper to have your story printed under the section, health and fitness, you’re going to have to read the submission guidelines first. Most of the time, they ask for no more than eight hundred words.

There are exceptions, so let me start this again. This blog post focuses on the worrying subject of ageing in women. It may be taking a multipronged approach, depending on which way the wind blows as far as my thoughts go, so girls, bear with me on this one. Ok, so we started with this question; how long do you want to live? Most girls will no doubt be saying that they want to live a long and happy life. Realistically speaking, if you’re middle to high income earner, with or without family, you’re a strong candidate to be living well into your seventies and even your eighties.

If you fall lower down those categories, you’re not in trouble just yet. Here’s why. You’re going to be taking an all round healthy approach to your life now. It’s so obvious, isn’t it? Healthier people live longer than sedentary and obese people. Folks who are of a healthy disposition mentally also live longer than those who are stressed out all of the time. Let’s get this straight then. Don’t wait until next year around the time that most folks have already broken their new year’s resolutions to start. Start tomorrow.

I don’t expect you to start now, what do you take me for, a drill sergeant. Anyway, start tomorrow. You don’t have a proper exercise in plan yet. That’s ok. All you’re going to do for now is just go for a walk. Walk for as long as you feel up to it. Stop when you’re tired, or carry on with the walk if you’re feeling inspired. Walk, but don’t run. You’re not ready for that yet. You’ll get there. Be patient. Back home, you’re going to have to start looking at what’s inside of your cupboard and have another rethink about your next grocery store list.

All that junk in your cupboard and refrigerator has got to go. All those carbonated ingredients, sodium and sugar loaded foods have got to go. All the listed ingredients on these conventional tinned or plastic wrapped foodstuffs have aggressive ageing properties. By this I mean, in layman’s terms, that even if you never catch a full-on disease, cells only need to become minutely cancerous to start slowing your body down.

So, there you have it. There’s three key steps involved in slowing down your ageing process. First, the mind. Then the activities. And then the food that you eat. Balance all three of these factors out nicely during your day and not only do you get to live a long life; you get to move towards being content, quite satisfied with your lot in life. Your only form of discontent should be healthy. You should have ambitions in life and start setting new goals for yourself to achieve.

Make these goals realistic, please. Also, particularly if you’re coming close to retirement age; think seriously about what you’d like to do for the rest of your life. Don’t look forward to a rocking chair, slippers and a newspaper. Look forward to being productive and preoccupied always. Perhaps I can mention the fine example that my folks have set for others much younger than them to follow. When my dad retired, his company asked him to stay another year to help them out. They needed his wisdom and experience.

Dad didn’t mind. After all, he was going to stay busy. He dreaded the thought of being idle all day long and, at that stage, wasn’t too sure what he would be able to do with himself, especially with the old lady nattering too close around his ears. Also, it was cool that he was earning a monthly salary too. Now, that’s another factor to take into account where ageing prematurely is concerned. Or should that be, where living a long and prosperous life is concerned.

My dad took care of his financial obligations quite well. He had no debts and he paid off his mortgage years before it was even due. And he was able to contribute generously to not only one but two retirement plans. He also had stocks and investments. He started out with small installments. By the time he had well and truly retired, he went to see his GP for a good checkup. This is what the GP told him.

Sir, you’re going to live forever. Yikes! Imagine that. We all wondered about this. Me especially. And do you know what, after I kicked that habit for good, I became a lifelong anti-smoking campaigner. Smoking really does kill. And it ages you dramatically. My dad’s lungs must be made of cement. Perhaps he is an exception to the rule. The basic and important rule is to not smoke at all. Period. Not only will you regress to an early grave, you’ll be stuck with heavy medical bills.

Lung cancer is one of the worst and most painful diseases anyone can contract. Anyway, by the time my dad’s year-long contract expired, the folks at work asked whether he’d like to stay longer. He said; what the heck for. By now he had had enough of the stresses of office politics and sitting behind a desk all day long. By now he was inspired to startup his home projects and couldn’t wait to get going. Also, he and my mom had long overdue vacation time planned.

And boy did they eat well. They still are. They have their own organic vegetable garden to work in every day. For exercise, the two pensioners go shopping at the mall. Why? Because they can.