It’s great to have a job isn’t it? But most girls are groaning, I hear. They can’t stand feeling tired by the time they get home at night. Their jobs are dead end boring, many of them are saying. I get that. I felt that way too before I got into the shape that I’m in now. Lard Girl was also late for work a lot of the time. She kept on oversleeping after her late nights of junk food snacking and watching TV. And then she couldn’t run to save her life to make it to the bus stop on time.

But here’s my take on things, it’s really great to have a job, whether you’re sitting behind a desk, pushing a pen or tapping keys on a PC, or packing juicy, red tomatoes into a crate all day long. Juicy red tomatoes are delicious. I get why some of you couldn’t touch these healthy vegetables before. It’s been giving you heartburn. It’s not the tomato’s fault. By the time you’re getting into shape you won’t be feeling any heartburn.

Most of the acid-inducing processed foods have been chucked already, haven’t they? Or must I come over to check your cupboards? Anyway, tomatoes, or freshly squeezed tomato juice, is loaded with vitamin C and is here’s that phrase again, rich in antioxidants. It’s also a great anti-ageing machine. Anyway, as I was saying, it’s great to have a job. Count your lucky stars and think about those who don’t have jobs to go to right now.

Think out of the tomato box and think positively about your circumstances always. By law, you get a lunch break every day. Start thinking about how you can spend your time during the short recess instead of moping about wondering why the heck you are here in the first place. Girls, be reasonable. Positive folks take something with them to work, other than their healthy lunch kit, to keep them busy during the lunch break.

Most folks take a book with or read the papers. Others have a small hobby they’re working on or even studying for a community college degree. And then there are those who are really serious about their health, always aiming to keep it that way. Instead of hanging about the premises, or standing downstairs from the office, huddled in a corner with a bunch of other gray looking girls and guys smoking, these healthy folks go for a walk.

These walks are leisurely because they’ll be getting serious about their exercise routines much later after work. Well, there you go; there’s something to look forward to after work. And if it’s not exercise, there must be something else to look forward to. Like preparing a really delicious and healthy evening meal. And there’s another thing that these positive and productive folks do during their lunch breaks. Instead of wasting time down at the mall, chowing burgers and fries in the food court, or dreaming about those dresses that they’re never going to afford while window shopping, these positive and productive girls go shopping for groceries they’re going to be needing for supper later on.

Life’s not perfect. Jobs aren’t either. Even if you have your dreamboat career, you’re still going to have ups and downs. I mean, look at me, I’m a motivational writer most of the time, but to keep up with my mortgage and other obligations, and to maintain my high living standards, I need to accept gracefully those jobs others hate to do. I believe this is what being professional is all about. Leadership requires patience.

While others are grunting and groaning about another drab assignment, I’m patiently accepting of my lot in life and look at it philosophically and practically. I think of it this way. All the writing that I’m required to do is just good practice for the future. It’s good practice for when I’m good and ready to start writing my books on health and fitness. I have loads of material to work with and also my creative styles and use of grammar and language have improved in leaps and bounds.

Leaps and bounds.

Wow, is that cool or what. It’s not exactly original but I really think it’s a cool metaphor to play with. In the context of this blog I really think you should apply it to your own lives too. What I enjoy about this creative process is that the metaphor just used was not deliberate or planned. It just came to me while I was writing. And this particular metaphor can be used in different ways and styles to express yourself with different meanings.

Let’s close this post by applying this metaphor to your life. I’m only motivating you, not telling you what to do. Be patient with your transformation from being physically inactive and bored with your life to being always preoccupied and physically active. It’s like a good investment. It starts off slowly in the beginning and then after a couple of years, the investment takes off exponentially. Although, in your case, you’ll be clicking your new life into gear a lot sooner than that.

Doing leaps and bounds is also a good exercise. You can have fun doing it using a basketball doing leapfrogging exercises while keeping your arms, legs and feet rigid.