My earlier post was making the point that starting new things in life is never easy. It always seems hard until you at least try it. This is generally the case for most women who have been sedentary and overweight for far too many years. They are filled with trepidation in regard to making new inroads into their lives. Entirely apart from my present career – a health and fitness blog writer mainly – but still very close to the bone in terms of motivation and trying out new things for the first time, my brother had this to say to me.

Do it! Who says you can’t? Don’t have the funds? Big deal. Crowd-fund it, it’s that easy these days. Okay, it’s not all cut and dried but the principle works when it’s put into practice. I was sharing my thoughts on writing and publishing my first book. My brother’s right, you know. It’s the same with health and fitness, even easier, in fact. That same earlier post alluded to doing things slowly and at a manageable level when you start a health and fitness regime for the first time.

This short post imparting my personal thoughts on health and fitness – a few tips here and there – stays true to that theme. Your first exercise session does not start outdoors on the sidewalk. It starts right in your kitchen. That’s right, girls, your kitchen. You’ll be doing weight training. Brace yourself. Because by the time you open your refrigerator, it might not be a pretty sight you’re seeing. That’s your weight training for today.

And, one, two, three, let’s get moving, girls, start moving those flabby biceps of yours, open your refrigerator and take a good, long look at what’s inside. Ever wondered why you were this overweight. Well, now you know. Start pitching out all the junk into a biodegradable bag. Defrost the fridge and start cleaning it out. Use lots of elbow grease to get the ice machine thoroughly clean. Clean as a whistle, as they say.

Now you can take a breather. Rest easy because the next intensive workout is going to be all about using your head and some common sense. Your heart and your conscience will more than likely have a role to play too. It’s all about what you should be eating for breakfast, lunch and supper. And do not stress about this because you’re still going to be enjoying some things you always used to before. Like a nice juicy steak, for instance.

I might as well tell you that I love my meat. At the moment, I can afford to have my weekly rump. Yes, that’s right, only once a week, nothing more. And what’s more, that rump has no fat in it. It’s been hacked away. Also, it’s a lot smaller than the one’s I used to have when I looked like a barrel of lard. Time to soften the blow because I can hear some girls crying in the background. It’s really not difficult at all.

Think about how you are going to look and feel in six months time. Isn’t that exciting? Isn’t that motivating? Go to any gym in town and sign up with a qualified instructor to put you on the course to a better and new you.