Great. I’m really glad I got your attention this time around. That’s the funny thing about human nature, isn’t it? Talk about sex and then all of a sudden, everybody’s ears perk up. Except, of course, the mature, finely balanced and confident people out there. Really girls, now I’m starting to talk nonsense. The issue of sex concerns everyone, one way or another. People talk about it in different ways, depending on their cultures and religions and even on their mores, if they have any.

If they are not talking about it, they might be thinking about it, at least. Ok, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not exactly sex starved and I certainly am not sex crazy. I do not have an unhealthy and even immoral addictive attitude towards it. What’s different about me today, what the difference between this super fit and supercharged girl of today and that of lard girl from the past is that because she is a whole lot healthier than she was before, thoughts on sex come to her more naturally and healthily.

Before I gush any further, let me just quickly explain the nature of this post. As I said in an earlier post, I’m not here to preach or tell you what to do. Your marital problems are your business for now, but seriously girls, if you’re having problems in the bedroom, you might want to take another look at yourself in the mirror. You might also want to do introspection, both physically and emotionally, on the man you’re spending time with.

All I’m going to do for now is share my experiences of sex from before this new me came about to roughly about now. When I was grossly overweight and always tired, I was a very unhappy girl. To try and comfort myself, I used to turn to the ice cream tub and the big bag of crisps. All it really did for me was make me feel bloated and burp a lot. It made me run to the loo a lot only to discover that these were false alarms.

I was badly constipated. I was constipated emotionally as well. I had very few friends. After all, who would want to spend time with lard girl anyhow? The few friends that I did have had the same things in common. We were young, fat and sex starved. More importantly, we were starved of genuine friendship and true love. The very rare occasions I did get to, well, you know, probably only once or twice a year, I was with the wrong crowd and the things we did together left me feeling even more unhappy inside.

I have to be honest with you. It was the word ‘orgasm’ and not ‘get real’ or ‘get physical’ or even ‘diabetes’ that jolted me into action. The lack of sexual fulfillment, never mind actual bumping and grinding, which I couldn’t do, even if I tried, was what got me to wake up and smell the coffee at the time. As I began to read and research on that mysterious thing that women get to experience when they are with the right man and in very good condition, physically and emotionally, my eyes opened, figuratively speaking, and I declared to myself; yes, I want that.

And so it began. Gym work, crash diets, walking and cleaning up my own mess after myself, oh, and a healthy eating regime, brought me to where I am today. I enjoy my sex life too. And yes, sometimes I do get to have that thing. I could have lots of it if I wanted to but that’s not really necessary. There are a whole lot of other things that complete me today. I still consider myself a material girl but I can’t help having those deep thoughts and conversations with myself (or a higher power) whenever I’m on the road or in the parks doing my power walks.

What are power walks to you, anyway? I’ll tell you, so you know. I carry a pair of weighty but manageable and comfortable dumb-bells in my hands while I do my brisk walk. My brisk walk entails swinging my arms to about forty-five degree angles and stretch my legs to at least the point that my knee joints are still allowed to bend. And did you know that you can do a whole bunch of exercises for when you’re with the right man and ready to go to the bedroom with him.