Girls, no more guy talk. It’s time to start getting real and acknowledging our unique female characteristics. It’s time to start lifting our heads high up in the sky and being proud of whom we are as women. It’s also time for you to accept that you have the personality and body you have for a good reason. And it’s up to you how you manage it. So, one day you’re feeling down and out and pretty low. No drug can help you out of that funk, I’m afraid to say.

Nor can the so-called comfort foods. The foods some of you are eating right now are classified as junk for a good reason. The next time you sit on the couch and munch on a giant bag of crisps, feeling sorry and lonely for yourself while watching an old romantic movie, write a note in your diary for the first thing to do the next morning. If you don’t have a diary, get yourself one. It can just be a notebook for now, just make sure it’s there waiting for you the next morning on your nightstand.

Now, when you wake up the next morning, write a short note to yourself, describing how the previous night’s indulgences made you feel. Scribble another note checking how you’re feeling at this point in time. Are you feeling any better? No? Thought not. That’s how it is for couch potatoes. It really is a world of depression for the bloated, overweight gal who never seems to move further than her couch. There is one natural drug that can take away all those blues.

It’s called health and fitness. That’s it really. When you’re feeling blue, ignore the takeout menu on your coffee table, head off to your bedroom, there you go, breathe, it’s not that bad, and pull on your fancy, unused sneakers. Pull on something that’s comfortable to wear while walking. Yes, that’s right; you’re going for a walk. By the time you’ve reached the first corner in your neighbourhood, you might start breathing heavily.

No, this isn’t a panic attack. It’s normal to be feeling this way when you start exerting yourself physically for the first time. If it feels like you’ve done too much, that’s quite alright. You can do the u-turn and head back home. Take a shower, don’t spend too long in it otherwise you’ll just be wasting water, dry yourself off, get dressed, comfortably, and then stand, don’t sit, and think for a moment how you feel. Awesome, isn’t it.

Yes, I thought so. Many people are scared of being healthy and fit. They perceive that’s going to be too difficult. They fear heart attacks and such things, but really, girls, that’s the sorriest excuse I’ve ever heard. Stay the way you are and you’ll be heading in the direction of a heart attack anyway. Start exercising right now and your chances of getting a heart attack start to plummet straight away. Of course, you mustn’t kill yourself.

I am a great believer in building up the regime slowly but surely. When the time (and body) is right, then, and only then, should you pick up the pace. In the next post, I’m going to give you your first weight training workout.