I think this is a cool heading to start a blog post with. It’s a wraparound but nevertheless informative and important post on the values of antioxidants. I’m doing this today because as you progress in your regime towards fitness and good health, you’ll be addressing you’re eating habits a lot of the time. And while you are doing your reading and research on the healthy foodstuffs that are going to be replacing the junk that you’ve just trashed from your refrigerator, you’re going to be hearing that phrase ‘rich in antioxidants’ quite a lot.

After I’ve given you a brief take on the composition of antioxidants, I’m going to go through a select group of fruits and vegetables that I’ve selected randomly and, to my surprise, in line with a new discovery. I’m not going to mention the institutions here, but the list here is based on a top ten list that was composed algorithmically by a group of scientific bodies and different universities. It’s pointless going on about how they arrived on this list but in your own time, do your own reading and research and you’ll see that the foods mentioned here are in universal appeal where the phrase ‘rich in antioxidants’ is concerned.

I’m going to leave the group of berries to last because it seems that berries are the kings and queens as far as antioxidant content is concerned. Just before that, I’ll be talking about two popular beans in the USA (health) diet. Let’s start this note with prunes. But before I do that, here’s my take. Antioxidants are required to help our body kill off bacteria and fight radicals that are damaging to our (healthy) cells. Without these key ingredients, we are more than likely to get sick. Three key vitamins are included, namely; A, C and E.


Sticky prunes are cancer busters. They lower cholesterol levels and strengthen the bones. This should be handy for women who could be susceptible to things like osteoporosis. This could also be interesting for people who might have a hereditary history of bone marrow cancer in their families. It’s loaded with potassium and fiber which makes prunes a great and popular addition to your morning bowl of yummy oats.


Cloves are a natural antibacterial and antifungal medicine. If you like (not too) spicy stews, it’s a great ingredient to add to your pot. You can also add in a mild, finely chopped green chili (with its seeds scraped out). The chili is rich in vitamin C and don’t believe the hype that it’s a great aphrodisiac for making love. Oh, and incidentally, cloves are good for your sexual wellbeing as well.


These nuts are favorites among vegans who want to supplement their protein diet. It’s got cancer fighting antioxidants and I think dieticians may be recommending this nut for obese patients to help reduce and/or eliminate their diabetes.


  • Pinto beans – These beans are great in stews too. They’re also high in fiber. And they’re good for digestion too.
  • Red beans – The key to this bean is its skin, so when you’re preparing a meal or a salad, don’t go trying to discard it. The skin is high in antioxidant content. They reduce the possibility of heart attacks, and they’re also good for strengthening the bones.


  • Blackberries – Include this berry in your breakfast diet too. It is considered to be one of the fruits with the highest level of antioxidants. It’s got its fiber content and vitamin C too. It’s good for reducing the risks of cancer.
  • Blueberries – Good for staving off heart disease, it’s also been included in the diets of those who are suffering from diabetes.
  • Cranberries – Don’t forget that the entire family of berries, including the classic Chinese goji berry, is a great replacement for the refined white sugar. It’s a natural sugar fruit. The guys can focus on this berry because it helps with urinary infections and kidney stones. And it also reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Raspberries – Girls, this is going to interest you. This berry works wonders for helping you to lose excess weight.
  • Strawberries – Whether you’re a health nut or still obese and overweight, thankfully strawberries remain a favorite for everyone. Think up any sweet-toothed flavor and you’ll find strawberries have been included. They’re popular in fat free frozen yogurts too. The strawberry helps to reduce cholesterol and its special feature is that it is able to boost blood antioxidant levels. It’s also a key towards helping to reduce the possibility of contracting complex chronic diseases. They fight off free radicals and even dementia among the elderly.

The strawberry narrative was a lot longer than planned. Forgive my bias. It’s my favorite fruit, see. I love how it combines well with my cool salads when I’m in the mood for a carefully prepared protein fix of minute steak or stir-fried organic chicken. Don’t forget to hack away the fat if you’re in the mood for a steak too.