This short motivational but instructional post guides you on how to progress with your new fitness regime. It assumes that at the moment you’re in the same shape – figuratively and literally – that lard girl (me) was in once upon a time. It’s going to prove to you all that fat girls can get slim and trim, and they can start to feel, and be, happy and healthy. It’s also an issue in that you cannot expect to be shipshape within a matter of weeks.

Given the shape and condition you’re in there’ll be a number of factors to consider and go through before you get to that stage that you’re a regular gym freak being watched and admired by other girls who wish they could do the things you do. I get that a lot nowadays. I’m no show-off and it does irritate me sometimes, but here’s the thing girls, if you have the right attitude, being watched and admired by others because of your achievements and how’re you’re pulling it off, doesn’t boost your ego but does fill you with pride in a healthy sort of way, and it does your self-esteem a whole lot of good.

This short post takes a two-pronged approach. First, I’m going to give you girls a nice outdoor exercise for you to work on at the park or your nearby high school track (if they’ll let you use their facilities). And then I’m going to close this post with a motivation on the philosophy of first learning to walk before even attempting to run. This short exercise routine can be done by anyone, no matter how fit or overweight you are.

So, how’s that for motivation then. Even you can do it. C’mon girls, I know you can do it. This little jaunt won’t take you longer than twenty to thirty minutes. If you run out of gas before the time, that’s ok. Leave it at ten minutes (or even five minutes) then. Just know that at least you tried. Start this session off with a five minute brisk walk. Once that’s done, start walking faster for about thirty seconds to one minute, depending on your level of fitness.

After that, start jogging for thirty seconds. And after that, sprint as hard and fast as you can for ten seconds, the same amount of time it took Usain Bolt to win his gold medals. Actually, it took Bolt far less than ten seconds to win a record number of gold medals for the one hundred meter dash and break the world record. Don’t worry if you don’t have a stopwatch or find it difficult to focus on your body motion while watching the clock.

I find it far more relaxing to keep my mind and eyes focused on a post ahead of me. After a few days of doing this exercise – you don’t need to do it every day – you’ll get a good estimate on when you must start increasing your pace. I almost forgot to add the most pleasurable part of this exercise routine – designed to help you lose weight and increase your cardiovascular levels. At the end of your sprint, go back to your brisk walk.

And after you’ve completed your circuit about ten times (a nice number to round things off with) you can then cool off with a nice, leisurely five minute walk (or longer, depending how far away from home you are). There you go, girls. That wasn’t so difficult now, was it? Now for some motivation on keeping things slow and steady, and being patient. Impatience gets you nowhere. It will wear you out and could even cause you to give up.

Getting into peak physical condition takes time and will never happen overnight. The road to fitness begins metaphorically with a process of first walking, then after a while, running, and then ultimately, sprinting. Even before you start to walk, first learn to crawl. Crawl for as long as it takes you to get up off of your knees. Use something to hold on to while you steady yourself for your first big walk. If you are a mother, you may have memories of this process from watching your child take its first steps.

And now look at her. Gorgeous, isn’t she. Thanks to you. So, if you can coach your child into taking her first big steps into the world, you can coach yourself into shape too.